Executive Assistant

We provide excellent


to your accounts and policy holders!


Any voicemail will be forwarded to us for review and handling.


Forward us all emails. We will handle all claims and account issues
such as questions about invoice, removing someone from the invoice,
deduction summaries, help setting up online account, etc.


  • Help policyholders file their claims online, check on status,
    explaining what they need to get from the providers, etc…
  • Check claim status, daily for denied and pending claims;
    call those individuals to see if they need assistance.
    – Once we have filed the claim or assisted, they go on our
    watch list and we follow the claim until it is completed.

Pended Business

we check pended business for applications that need corrections and applications that are about to close out due to no response every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We download the ones that need corrections, make the corrections and fax back to New Business. We then follow the app to make sure it is resolved.

At Risk Accounts

Run weekly report and keep track of accounts that are about to lapse. Make sure they pay their bill and understand the online system. When possible, we help set up reoccurring payments, or help them pay online.

Policy Retention

When we are asked to remove an employee from an account for any reason, we will follow up that action by
calling that policy holder and helping them protect their policies and take them with them
by walking them through Policy Retention.

Need a vacation but don’t want to
fall behind?