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I love building relationships with accounts and making them feel they have a personal administrative advocate… and they DO!

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Cristan has helped me tremendously with my Aflac business over the last year. I would come home from work everyday needing to reply to emails and submit claims. Now my policyholders know and trust her and can rely on quick updates about their claim status. We sell a promise at Aflac and Cristan is essential now to help deliver this to our customers!! It is peace of mind for me knowing that our policyholders are in good hands and I can focus on building a team and growing our book of business.

Amanda H.

It’s not optional to use these girls when running a large Aflac team. I’ve trained 3 or 4 admins in my career and to be able to hire out of the gate AFLAC expert admins, has saved me tons of time and money!

Brian M.

I can't effectively put into words how vital Cristan's services have been to my business. As a working mom of a 3 year old, life/work balance is essential to me and Cristan allows me to give more time back to my family. That is something you cannot put a price tag on. I can confidently ask Cristan to complete a number of "back office" tasks and I can walk away trusting that she will not only take care of it, but do it with the greatest care and quality. It is very evident that Cristan cares so much about the success of her clients and her policyholders and it shines through her work. I could go on for days with examples of huge claims that she's handled for me and cases where she's found extra money that was missed or overlooked for my policyholders, or times when I was down to a deadline and she pushed pended business through faster than I thought possible. These are things that allow us to push to the top in Aflac. I owe a lot of my success to her and I owe my family time to her. I would highly recommend anyone to use her services and I know they will not regret it!

Samantha C

The word ”assistant” does not do justice to the value Cristan has brought to my operation. Almost instantly, she became a business partner. My biggest hesitation in doing something like this was the fact, that like most Aflac people, I have built everything from the ground up. In my mind, there was no one else vested enough to give the type of service I would.

6 months into working with Cristan, the antithesis has proven to be true. She has spoiled my accounts and policyholders to the point of being irreplaceable. Not only has my time freed up to focus solely on revenue producing activities, but the portion of my business I am outsourcing to Cristan is running more smoothly than it would if it were in my own hands.

In 6 months there have been 3 of my accounts that have gone as far to demand I give Cristan a raise. Luckily, she settled for a case of wine :)(which come to think of it I still owe her). I have recently nicknamed Cristan God’s cheat code. Because it is not normal for someone to be blessed with the rare combination of sales/customer service talent, along with administrative and organizational expertise.

A perfect display of this rare combination of gifts is the fact that 2 happy accounts have gone as far to give referrals to Cristan, that have since resulted in 2 new groups; both of which were a defined contribution.

That being said, I hesitate to recommend Cristan to the rest of Aflac nation because selfishly I would like to keep her all to myself :). But, God’s cheat code is not meant to be in the hands of only 1 DSC.

Josh M

Over a year ago, when Cristan and I first came up with the idea of her assisting me with my Aflac business, I had no clue how it would work out. There was simply too much to teach her and I just didn’t have the time to take off and train her on all of the demanding aspects to our business, but after brainstorming for a couple of days, we concocted a plan to spend a day and a half together where I would show her every part of our business. Here is where our ‘Star was born’ and my career was changed forever for the better.

Cristan and her team go above and beyond the call of duty. They are compassionate with our policyholders, responsible with our assets and business partners to all of their DSC’s. They are an irreplaceable part of my business as well as a part of my family. I would highly recommend their services and would gladly discuss how they have helped me in more detail if anyone should ever have questions or need a reference!

Randi F

In business we don’t often use the words magic, but you are AMAZING!!!
Thank you for everything you do to make us shine. The love and care you show my policyholders and the attention to detail in account management is allowing me to focus on taking my district to the next level !!

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

Shannon T

This is what #compassion looks like. My wonderful administration team led by Cristan Raz received a call from a policyholder. The woman is needing help on a claim on a cancer policy for her young son…… The doctor told her that her son has 24-72 hours to live. Not A time for paperwork or sitting on the phone. The information needed for the claim was sent, but buried with some other info sent the same time. The team then says “we’re not getting off of the phone until this claim is paid.”

After remaining on hold and sorting it out they get the policyholder over $20,000 the next day. Unfortunately, that next day is the passing of the child. Going above and beyond the team went as far as to send flowers to the funeral and sign not only their name but the DSCs name as well.

That’s why we do what we do. To help people in their time of need. We send warm regards to the family of the lost and lift our heads up to charge forward to help others that don’t even know they need our help.

Simply put, Cristan and her team ROCKS! I highly recommend!

Daryl P

I cannot recommend Cristan Raz enough. She is an awesome asset to my Aflac business. I know she is taking care of the all daily tasks of pended business, claim status and followups, checking invoice payments, etc…. all the busy work that has to be done but cuts into my time to grow my business.

She is professional, prompt, an organized guru, dependable and totally trustworthy. I have all confidence to let her work and take care of my clients. She treats them as her own and gives them the ultimate support and customer service they need and deserve.

Cristan makes me and Aflac look like rock stars.

I highly recommend using Cristan as an executive administrator for your Aflac business. You will celebrate the day you started your relationship with Cristan and her staff!!

Paula F

I just brought on Cristan last week after I talked with her for a bit, and it's been a GAME-CHANGER!
Her name is Cristan Raz, and I call her RAZZLE DAZZLE, because she works wonders.

She has a team that she has personally trained, and they are full time executing back-end admin stuff. I was really getting bogged down because I just didn't have enough time to be in the field, since there was so much admin stuff to take care of.
She has an awesome vision to help DSC's keep the promises of service we make to clients, without us diminish our marketing and training. The claims support, pended business, personal emails, refund letters, effective date changes...she is an A+ at it all.
If you don't already have an admin, you should definitely at least try Cristan for a couple weeks and let her impress you. I can personally show you the vast amounts of emails and forms she has done for me in the last week alone. The time it's given me back this week allowed me to be in the field about 8 more hours, which resulted in way more income that her affordable support.

I've built my best business off word of mouth, so I'd be hypocritical to not do the same for her. She's really wonderful.

Tony M

I’ll keep it short and to the point. If your on the fence about Cristan and her team, maybe even struggling to determine if you really need something like this yet... do it!! The amount of free time these ladies have opened up in my schedule is unbelievable. It’s been well worth every penny so far. They handle each task quickly, accurately and with great customer service. I can’t say enough great things about Cristan, Nikki & Jessica.

Kristopher D

Cristan and here team are amazing to work with! They are great about following up with policyholders, managers, and/or employees in a timely manner. Since I started with them, I have seen my policyholders are happier! Also my business has been growing a lot more since then because I know I have a team assisting me by my side. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their AFLAC business.

Karen U

I hired Cristan and her team almost a year ago. From the very beginning she was an absolute game changer to my business! Because of the quick, correct, detailed work that she and her team produce, I quickly leaned that I do not have to check on my claims, pended business, at risk accounts, etc any more. This gave me ample free time to go focus solely on growing my team and my book.

Cristan and her team are willing to dive right in and help with anything! They are more than an admin team but rather more of a business partner!

I would highly recommend RPS to anyone and would be more than willing to speak with anyone entertaining hiring them!

Cherry M

My wife and I hired Cristan roughly 10 months ago and all I can say is "WOW"! She certainly did not over promise on the call we had when we decided to try her services out!

They are all professional and 100% trustworthy! If you send them an action, there is no doubt it will be completed correctly and in a timely manner! It is truly a breath of fresh air to know that all of the daily admin action are being taken care of so that I can go focus on the sales! I would not hesitate to recommend Cristan and staff to anyone!

Will M

When Cristan and the Raz Professional Services team began to assist me, I had no idea the impact that they would have on the success of my Aflac business. They are more than "Assistants", they are a true part of my team with this Carrier. To our success, they have helped lead the way to a drastic uptick in policyholder engagement and customer satisfaction. When our partnership began they came in ready to hit the ground running. The team at Raz Professional Services is genuine and truly cares about the success of your business! They are dedicated to their clients and determined to ensure that policyholders receive first class customer service. They are an irreplaceable part of my team and I would recommend them to anyone looking to increase their customer engagement rate. I consider it a true privilege to be able to have the opportunity to work with this amazing group of people.

Jean-Claude Fresnel,Jr. Chief Executive Officer

My name is Ken Barclay and I run a district out of the West LA region.

I couldn't be more pleased with Raz Professional Services. Cristan and her team are the absolute best. There are different team members that handle the different aspects of a districts business. Jessica Gott is amazing and handles most of my payroll account issues, Vicky Danforth deals with claims and Katie Hutson works on my pended apps. I don't have to worry about wasting time calling on accounts to pay their invoices etc.

The best thing is the claims aspect. In the past it was Murphy's law. I'd be at the airport about to get on a flight for example when a client of mine who really needs help, calls me to have me assist them with a claim. With the help of Cristan and her team, I simply forward the voicemail or the text to them and they take care of it and stay on top of claims the whole way through.

I highly recommend their services and I am so happy that I am fortunate to have them as my admin team.

All the best,


I wanted to send a little Thank you to your team, especially the ladies who work on my accounts regularly. They have all been consistent in their efforts and providing efficient results.

Jennifer C